Salt Lake Party Bike provides the ultimate experience for your next group outing.  What could be more fun than pedaling around downtown Salt Lake with up to 15 of your closest friends.  From rowdy bachelor parties to singles wards we can give you the ride of your summer.  

It is a 15 passenger machine that you pedal, we call it a Party Bike. Party Bikes go by many names including Bar Bikes, Large Convention Bikes, Beer Bikes, Brew Cycle, and Pedal Hopper and it's the most fun I've ever had. The party bike can hold up to 15 people, with up to 10 people pedaling at a time. This means that not everyone on the bike needs to pedal, so bring grandma, she will love it. The party bike is equipped with everything you need to have a great night, a light and sound system that will be playing your choice in music and cup holders at each seat to help you stay hydrated. The party bike always goes out with a professional driver so that all you need to do is pedal and have a good time. The driver can steer and brake, when the driver needs power they ring a bell to tell the engine it's time to go (you are the engine).